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11-28-2021 to 12-4-2021


I have a feeling that today will be an okay-ish day. I didn't go to school because mom would've had to pick me up early at like, 11:30 or 12 or something, so she just kept me home.

Not like I have a test to do anyways.


Today was a relatively fine day. I went to school, got out of school, and now I'm typing this out :D

Sadly today was the last day of health class, I gotta go back to P.E (Physical Edutorture) class tommorow.

Signing off for now, have a good day.


Today was alright. P.E wasn't too bad too somehow. Lol

Drew some neat stuff too.


Today was pretty good. One of the computer class teachers was giving away old keyboards and mouses for free.